Stress Free School Shopping for Busy Parents!

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Ever looked at your calendar and wondered how you can possibly jam one.more.thing in??

Ever had good intentions of “running errands after work”, only to end up being too fed up with the human race pooped to go. So you “postpone” it for “one more day?”

Ever take your kids to the store, only to have them act like they have been raised by wolves in the wild like completely embarrassing little monkeys?? (yup, those would be MY KIDS, bless their little wild ape hearts). 

Ever go to a store, battle the wild wolf children crowds only to give up and leave before your BP hits 200-over-100?? (that would be ME).

Well, never fear! The Office Shop is here!

Ok, that was uber-corny BUT very true. For the last 2 years, The Office Shop has rescued me from the agony school supply shopping. They have done so with a brilliant program called Class Kit. No crowds. One price. One stop. DONE, baby DONE.

And it’s easy peasy too. All they need is your child’s school, grade and teacher (or the “class supply list”). Within days, your child’s class needs will be packed up and ready for you to pick up. Here’s Office Shop Sales Associate Sheila to tell us more;

ME: Where did the idea/concept of Class Kit come from?

Sheila: A fellow ISGroup member does this program (down south of Shakopee) and it sounded interesting. I was happy to take on this project because I knew I could help parents with their School Supply Shopping! There is a “similar” program through the IS Group…ours is just more specific for our community!

ME: How many years has TOS done Class Kit?

Sheila: I believe this is my 4th year.

ME: What grades and schools can participate in Class Kit?

Sheila: There are no limits here…We have many of the area schools lists on hand, however, if it is a School I don’t have…if the parent can get me the supply list I can put a kit together. We just need a couple days to get supplies in. We recently had a customer buy Class Kits for her grandchildren in Roseville. They got their  Kits and were thrilled. All the other Mom’s were jealous and want Class Kits from us now too! It’s a great service that helps busy parents in any town.

ME: The Office Shop advertises this as “Stress Free School Shopping”. Tell me more about that.

Sheila: It is exactly like it sounds…stress free!! Give us a call, give us the name of your child, school their attending, grade they are entering and if we have the list on hand, we can get it to you right away. If we don’t have the list on file, then just either fax or email it and I will get on it right away! Stress Free…one phone call….one stop!! That is it!!! We will call you when it is ready to be picked up!

ME: What’s the strangest teacher request you’ve ever seen?
Sheila: Tennis balls.

ME: What do you think is the biggest misconception about The Class Kit program?

Sheila: People actually think they save money when they shop the Big Box stores! If you were to compare the bottom line on your receipt, (keeping in mind all the EXTRAS you purchased, not being able to find what the teacher requested, and the time wasted racing around trying to “find” said item)..you would see how BIG the savings are with our Class Kit Program. We have great pricing AND remember,Time is Money too!

ME: I know you mentioned you’ve had some really positive response to this service. You’ve even had people offer to donate supplies too, correct?

Sheila: YES! I have had two people call in wanting to donate supplies….I can do this too. So if you don’t have children in school but you want to help a family, I can fill a grade (any grade )kit and have them delivered to the School of your choice for disbursement where needed.

ME: Love that idea. There are so many families that could use a helping hand these days. Such a simple request and an easy one to fill. Who should parents call if they have questions about getting their own Class Kits for their upcoming students?
Sheila: Call The Office Shop! Aitkin 218-927-6911 or Brainerd 828-9000 — toll-free 1-800-450-9000. Anyone should be able to help you but if I am available…ask for Sheila. sheila@theofficeshopinc.com

ME: Anything you’d like to add?

Sheila: We still have two weeks before School starts…why not enjoy the rest of your Summer and not worry about supply shopping!! Call us and let us help. I realize there are parents who truly enjoy the school supply shopping with their kids…BUT for those who would rather not add that stress to your day…this is for you!

NOTE: If you would like a copy of the Class Kit flyer to share with friends, family, and neighbors, email Sheila and she will be happy to send one out to you. sheila@theofficeshopinc.com

Visit The Office Shop on the web at http://www.theofficeshopinc.com/ or find them on Facebook!!!

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  1. Wow, what a great idea. I’m going to send this to my daughter-in-law who is dreading this part of school shopping.
    Grandma Hope

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