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Saturday’s Simple Truths-Mom Squad Style

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Life can  be tough sometimes..

So tough and complicated that it can’t be described in a few paragraphs or even several pages.

Then there’s those..moments.

Those truisms or observations that are just so obvious you want to smack your forehead and mutter “Duh!”

There following are a few of those.

A little something I like to call Life’s Simple Truths.

Some I read years ago, but can’t remember where. Some are “Becky-isms”, and some came from the lips of my many Contributing Girlfriends and Fellow Moms.

All are meant to make you smile, and should be taken with a salty grin:

* There is no excuse to be dirty. Soap is cheap and water is FREE.

* If ignorance is bliss, why aren’t there more happy people running around?

* If your kids don’t embarrass you to the point you want to die once a week, you’re just not paying attention.

* Food always tastes better when it’s FREE.

* Life always looks better on a full tummy.

* Dust bunnies make cheap house pets.

* Ka-puff-ker, toots, wind, fluffs, barking spiders. Call them what you the core they are still farts.

* If you can smile during a crisis, you must have some in mind to blame.

* If you can’t wake up with a smile on your face, got to bed with a coat hanger in your mouth.

* Our children should be the center of our world, not living on the “outskirts” of it.

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