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Mommy The Human Garbage Can: The Journey From Muffin Top to Skinny Jeans

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OK..maybe this post would be better if called “Habits Not Diets” because, essentially, that IS what it’s about.

But, c’mon…admit it, MommyThe Human Garbage Can is much, much…..catchier. ­čÖé

But unfortunately, it’s also pretty fitting for This Old Mom .

Let me rewind a bit. Years ago I read an awesome book called Habits Not Diet. Locate it if you can. Great book on healthy eating. The Cliff Notes version would be, sometimes it’s not just what we eat that makes us “fluffy”, it how we eat.

In other words, our bad habits.

Such “bad habits” would include:

1. Standing at the counter and wolfing down food while we cook or while we serve meals. That is┬átotally a Mom Curse. We get this “smoke ’em while you got ’em” mentality that turns our mealtimes into a timed event. In my house I know at┬ámealtimes,┬áI might just as well plant springs in┬áme butt because┬áI will we leaping up from┬ámy chair like, 45 times during the course of a meal. In fact I seriously thought about implanting springs in my Hiner Region, but metal is extra weight. I don’t need any more of THAT. (plus it would be bee-atch to find pants that fit).

2. Parking at the front of the parking lot instead of parking father away and walking. See my thoughts on that here.

3. And consuming your kids leftovers from off their plates because you don’t want it to “go to waste.”

Oooohhhh it WILL go to waste, my friend. YOUR WAIST.

So step aaawwwaaaayy from the grilled cheese sandwich crusts (although they are ROCKIN dipped in Tomato Soup), the last Ravioli, or the hot dog ends! Repeat after me! 
I am not a Disposal Center!

I belatedly had this realization a few nights ago. It was an eye-opening moment where I realized┬áthat maybe I need to change my ways. My hubby, bless his pea-pickin little heart, had prepared an awesome supper. As we cleaned up, he handed me the 4 year-old’s half eaten ear of corn and said “here, finish this”.

Now, I have no qualms sharing Preschooler spit with my beloved child’s half eaten chow, but it did really bother me that my family seems to think I am Mommy The Human Garbage Can as well.

I am just waiting for them to step on my foot to see if my mouth pops open.

As I eyed the corn, my Mom’s words rang in my ears, “clean your plate! There are children starving in other countries!!!”

….but it wasn’t quite as loud as another new voice in my head (mine) that calmly reminded, “once on the lips, forever on the hips!!”

Sorry, hungry Third World Countries, I need to be able to chase my kids and not collapse like a beached whale in my backyard. So into the trash the corn went.

So here’s my challenge to you this week.┬áTake a hard look at your habits. Are they derailing your diet efforts? Are you grazing between meals like a desperate Holstein? Are you a chronic stand-and-eat-er? Are you more likely to munch unhealthy things with a morning cup of coffee?

Tell me what are your bad habits?

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