The Journey From Muffin Top to Skinny Jeans: Tough Love Diet Tips

Mornin all! It is 5:56 a.m. and I am posting this instead of exercising. Should I be on the treadmill? YUP. Am I? NOPE.

And I need to. One of the common sense rules of health and weight loss is to MOVE. Get your caboose off the couch and MOVE. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park at the END of the parking lot and instead of circling eight times like a vulture waiting for some little gramma to back out of her parking spot cuz it’s “by the door”. Get the lead out peeps (I need to practice what I preach! Doh!)

This weeks Journey from Muffin Top will take you to another  blog..but that’s OK! Short Mama (the originator of this meme) was kind enough for let me guest post at her place today. Perfect timing. I’ve been itchin to share my Tough Love Diet Tips courtesy of Moi with the world. B.S and fluff free, this post will tell you like it is!
So head on over, get some tips, maybe a slight kick in the pants, and most certainly a chuckle.

P.S In our Edition 5 Coupon Packs there are several Mom Squaders who can help with diet, weight loss, and exercise. Amy from SunLife Wellness can help you with pantry makeovers and supermarket tours (how cool is that?). Estelle from NRG Xpress has “smart food for fast people” and weight loss coaching (find her on Facebook), and Sarah at Lakes Area Yoga Association offers amazing Yoga classes for all ages. Email me if you’d like one of our Edition 5 coupon packs!

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2 Responses to The Journey From Muffin Top to Skinny Jeans: Tough Love Diet Tips

  1. shortmama August 4, 2010 at 6:48 pm #

    Thanks again for guest posting for me!

  2. FranticMommy August 5, 2010 at 1:28 am #

    Thank YOU Amanda! It was an honor 🙂

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