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The Journey From Muffin Top To Skinny Jeans- Part 3

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Not long ago I came across this fabulous idea/project via one of my “Bloggy Buddies”. Macey a.k.a Mimi from Living In France (no, she doesn’t live in France) who had teamed up with another mom blogger Short Mama for a weekly Wednesday meme called Journey from Muffin Top to Skinny Jeans. A fabulous idea, a great support system.

SO HERE WE ARE AGAIN! Have you made any changes in the past few weeks? I am not seeing much as far as change on the scale..BUT.. I am proud to say I am STILL “chocolate free” and have been getting a handle on my carb consumption. Boo-yah!

NOW it’s time for this weeks challenge. This weeks project is figuring out how to appreciate your body more. It may not look the way you want it right now but it is yours and you might as well love what you have.

This weeks challenge is going to be just that…a challenge. Personally, I hate looking in the mirror. I have one full length mirror and I rarely use it. If I could only ever use a compact-sized mirror for all my needs, I’d be a happy Mama.

I don’t think I am alone.

I am pretty sure, as moms/women, we often look in the mirror and don’t really like what we see. We see chubbiness, extra baby weight we never lost (even though our “baby” is now starting Preschool) and extra “padding” we’ve accumulated over the years.
It’s stinkin hard to find things about ourselves that we like.
But we need to do it and that is exactly what I want you to do.
In fact I want you to pick 5 things that you love/like/tolerate about your body…as it is right at this moment.

FIVE. I hear ya whining. YES FIVE.

Ok, here’s mine:

1. I like my feet. They are not pretty, they are more “Hobbit-ish” than I care to admit…BUT they keep me upright and will carry me forward to my dreams and goals.

2. I like my hair. I am blessed with the thick mop from my Mom’s side of the family. “Paulson Hair” as my Mom calls it. Most days  ARE “good hair days” for me.

3. I like my hands. “Creative Hands” are what my Dad used to call them (Luv ya dad! Miss you!). They can tickle a tiny tummy, draw funky cartoons for the kids, and type at the speed of light on the ‘puter. I have fingernail woes, but we won’t go there.

4. I like my eyes. They are kind of a pretty blue that tend to go blue/green when I am happy. A word of advice; if they go to red…run like hell.

5. My smile. I think I have a decent smile and if smiling burned calories, I would weigh 98 pounds!

 OK, so how about you? Grab some paper and a pen make some notes about what you like about your current body. Don’t biotch, just do it.
This may err on the side of cornball, but post these somewhere for a few days where you can see them. Make it a reminder of how awesome you are, right now, in this moment.

That’s all for this week. I am not sure what the Skinny Jeans topic will be next week, but I am sure it will be fun 🙂

Be sure and give our Current Roster of Mom Squaders one last peek. We will be posting the new Edition 5 line-up August 1! 

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