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Journey From Muffin Top to Skinny Jeans-Part Deux

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Not long ago I came across this fabulous idea/project via one of my “Bloggy Buddies”. Macey a.k.a Mimi from Living In France (no, she doesn’t live in France) who had teamed up with another mom blogger Short Mama for a weekly Wednesday meme called Journey from Muffin Top to Skinny Jeans. A fabulous idea, a great support system.

So since I am a few posts behind them, I thought I would go back into their archives a bit and dig up a cool concept. Mimi and Short Mama had this great idea to discuss the topic of “how would I dress if I was thin.”

Hmmm…. definitely a touchy spot with me. Not like “comment on my clothes and I’ll clean your clock..”. It’s actually more like “Retail? Seriously? There’s stores out there that sell brand new stylish clothes?”

Apparently I need to get outta the woods more.

Step aawwwayyyy from the Thrift store Franticmommy.

Needless to say, the way I dress now is pretty…frumpy.  Mostly its just t-shirts and black dress pants or occasionally Capri’s. Sometimes, if I’m feeling really saucy, I will wear light colored pants with a dark top (as opposed to the wearing the opposite, which I do 99.9% of the time. I can be cutting edge like that once-in-awhile)

Oh yeah, sweatpants are my friend. My BFF.

I confess I have pretty much fallen into the trap of “I’m fat and I look like crap so why bother.”


BUT, I do like the idea of thinking and living “as if.” So how would I dress if I was at my goal weight?? What would I do differently?  A lot less of this for sure..

I know I would likely NOT wear jeans (they are just so, constricting). Skirts and shorts? Hmmm…what’s the word I’m searching for…NO.

I am a “comfort girl”. It better feel good on my bod or it will be hittin the road to Donation Land.  I would love to be able to shop and buy what I like and know that it looks good on me. And if sweatpants are my BFF, cap sleeves are my mortal enemy.  I sure would love to feel comfortable in shorty-short sleeves or tank tops.

 So here is what I came up with for my “skinny clothes” :

 I almost added some big ol funky high heeled shoes to this mix..but let’s face it. I have yet to learn how to walk in the dang things and I certainly couldn’t enjoy my new Skinny Clothes if I fell and broke my neck.
What types of clothes would YOU like to wear?
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5 thoughts on “Journey From Muffin Top to Skinny Jeans-Part Deux

  1. I love it 🙂 your too cute! I say bring on the heel!! I’m on a Hot Mama Project myself.. started last week. i realized that not only as a mom, but a homeschooling mama..I hardly find time to take care of myself, and not just for myself but for my husband and kids as well.. I know I am not living up to the health and beauty potential that I have.. so enters “Project Hot Mama”..skinny clothes is just the beginning…whiter teeth..(coffee and wine intake makes the red hot lipstick not as hot)and other small stuff to take care of me and be my best, but the biggest part of the project is to love me for who I am, weather I get in the skinny clothes or not…that’s the toughest part!! Ugh! But..with all that said, my perfect skinny clothes shopping store would be ….does the extra money that it cost to buy skinny clothes come with the project 😉 lol 🙂 Mwah!

  2. “Project Hot Mama”. LOVE.IT. And you’re right about the small stuff. I just got a perm in my hair not too long ago and was amazed at what a postive boost it gave to my self esteem.

  3. Thanks Purplume! I am huge fan of the look and feel of Yoga pants-style. I would just prefer my lower hlaf not look like an upside-down gourd in my beloved Yoga Pants…

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