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Becky’s Uber Profound Thought Of The Day

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Occasionally…I’ll say something good.



Then I go lie down quickly because it’s taken so much outta me.

And I write it down immediately because my Mom brain has the memory retention of a noodle strainer.

Here’s my latest “wow, did that really come out of my mouth?” quote in regards to Lakes Area Mom Squad:

“We’ve always tried to let people know they don’t have to be a mom to participate or use the coupons. The whole “Mom thing” is really our marketing angle and what makes us unique. One of my web-guru-e-newsletters I get had a¬†quote I took very seriously. “Have a niche, lose a few people. DON’T have a niche, lose everyone”. If we tried to be be “all things to everyone” we would lose our unique edge and be like everyone else, ya know?”

Don’t forget folks, Edition 5 of our Lakes Area Mom Squad Coupon Packs will be out at the end of this month (July). GOOD STUFF.

See the list of where our current packs are located HERE

View our list of current Mom Squaders HERE

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AND later this weekend….another Mom Squader profile! Who will it be???

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