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An Actress and a Certified Hypnotist!

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Some days, I think I am the luckiest chick in the world.

For many reasons, and of course all the obvious ones apply (good job, awesome hubby, stinkin cute kids).
But I am also blessed because, thanks to The MomSquad, I get to meet some pretty awesome people.

The day I met Jennifer Mergen Miller from Vibe Hypnosis, I knew she would be one of those people. I liked her immediately. She sparkles, she shines, and she has the Best.Laugh.Ever.

Plus, she’s fastinating as heck. Bonus!

So needless to say I was tickled PINK when she agreed to take a break from her busy schedule to do a little “mini interview” for the Lakes Area Mom Squad.

ME: You are owner of Vibe Hypnosis: In a couple of sentences, describe what you do and the services Vibe offers.
JENNIFER:  In hypnosis, you, the client, learn to use the natural power of your mind to improve the quality of your life. As your hypnotist, I give you the tools, techniques and positive suggestions to help you create the changes you desire.I work with clients ranging from the more common weight management & becoming a non-smoker, to confidence issues, overcoming fears and habits, fertility concerns to improved athletic performance. I have also recently begun working with clients at a corporate level. Hypnosis can help nearly any aspect of your life and the best part is, it is SAFE, NATURAL and EASY!

ME: How long has Vibe been in business?
JENNIFER: I completed my hypnosis training through the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training in May of 2009 and soon after began Vibe Hypnosis.

ME: You mentioned it was a personal experience that lead you to learn more about the healing value of hypnosis. Can/would you like to elaborate on that?
JENNIFER: I was in a car accident at the age of 16 in which I suffered a neck injury. For many years I did all the things I was supposed to do (doctors, chiropractors, therapies, etc.) and they all worked, but they took over my life, spending a few days a week at different appointments. I decided I needed to learn to live with my pain and for many years I did so, taking numerous pain killers. But after a negative experience with these meds, I made the decision to live a more natural life, I stopped the pills and decided I needed to learn to live with the pain. For about 8 years I did just that, very uncomfortably. I was often cranky and rarely comfortable. Then I met a woman who suggested I see a hypnotist for pain management. Being the very open minded person I am, I agreed to give it a go, but was still skeptical as I did not understand how my mind could help my pain.After my first session I realized how good I felt and on the drive home from Fargo (where my session was), I had a wonderful AH-HA moment and knew I had to become a hypnotist! I trust these vibes and that is why I chose the name VIBE Hypnosis!

ME: I know you work in multiple places throughout the week. Can you tell me more about your schedule?
JENNIFER: I have recently expanded my services to neighboring communities. This is a time of discovery in determining what is working best for Vibe Hypnosis.
Mondays – Park Rapids

Tuesdays – Brainerd

Wednesdays – St. Cloud

Thursdays – St. Cloud

Fridays – Brainerd

ME: You shared with me that you will be in a movie this summer! Can you tell me about your character? When does shooting start? Name of film and a tiny bit of what it’s about?
JENNIFER: Yes! It is an independent film entitled Lambent Fuse. My character, Emily Goone, is the sister of one of the main characters. It is a character driven drama that illustrates human emotion and the intertwining of lives. Much of the plot is still under wraps as filming has only just begun.The film makers and all cast and crew are from Minnesota. Production is scheduled to wrap around mid-August, with post-production complete in September. A release date has not been scheduled.

ME: This whole acting part of your life is fastinating!  How long have you been acting and what sort of roles/jobs have you landed?
JENNIFER: Acting has always been a passion of mine. Through Jr. High & High School I participated in all of the theatre productions. This held over into college where I pursued a degree in theatre. After college I worked as a high school theatre director – this was an amazing experience for me as it was the first time I understood the wonderful feeling of knowing I made a difference in someone’s life! At the same time I pursued my professional acting career doing mostly industrial videos, a few commercials and some print work locally and nationally. After a 3 year hiatus from acting I came back to it in 2007 and have since done many local, regional & national commercials, as well as some print work. Lambent Fuse is my first movie!The vocal training I have as an actor has been a wonderful benefit in my hypnosis career.

ME: This question is a fav of mine and I like to see what other women say when I ask. If you could do anything in the world, and money was no object, what would it be?
JENNIFER: Wow, you’re asking a dreamer! I have wanted to go to Pompeii in Italy since I first learned about it in Junior High. So personally that is a goal. Professionally, I will (see the next question) begin a television network dedicated to holistic, metaphysical and spiritual programming.

ME: Tell me one piece of advice to other women in business.
JENNIFER: BELIEVE! Believe that you can have whatever it is you desire; believe it like it is already yours! For what you put your mind to with truth and determination, always becomes your truth!

ME:. Anything you want to add?
JENNIFER: Thank you! I appreciate your support of my business and career. It is people like you who help make dreams come true!

If you like more info on Vibe Hypnosis, please give Jennifer Mergen Miller her a call at 218-831-4867 or visit her at Vibe Hypnosis

“I believe that we all have the ability to make changes in our lives and that within us is everything we need to succeed. Hypnosis will benefit anyone who is ready to succeed. You choose to change. You choose to succeed. I will guide you!”

-Jennifer Mergen Miller, C.H.

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