Seven Things I Want To Do This Summer

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Seven Things I Want to Do This Summer: (Why Seven? Because I read some fabulous wisdom from one of the many social media dorks experts that odd numbers attract more interest. I guess will find out won’t we?)

1. Clean my car. It’s a rollin freakin dumpster fine automobile.

2. Guest Blog for one of the Super Bloggers (in Blog lingo, that would be the equivalent-to me-to eating lunch at Oprah’s house).

3. Get my kids to sleep past 6:30 6:45 7:01 on Saturday. And NO, letting them stay up later does NOT help.

4. Get a handle on the eight-frickin-million photo’s I seem to have accumulated. Time to call Rose at Creative Memories

5. Hook our oldest up with swim lessons. Splash School here we come!.

6. Do something about my skin so I don’t look like a lizards butt anymore.

7. Belly Dance. Lord knows I have plenty of coordination belly.

Now I’ve written it down, I HAVE to do it!

What’s on you’re summer To-Do List?

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