What’s Your Lipstick Personality?

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Recently Mom Squader Sandy Strom with Avon gave me this nifty little chart about how to know your “Lipstick Personality.” Apparently, the way a gal’s lipstick looks, after she has used it a few times, says more about her than just what her favorite lip color is. According to the chart below, the shape that the tip takes on can be telling of her personality.

Who knew?!

Needless to say, I found this pretty darn fascinating, and a little humorous as well. I made a dive for my purse and immediately eyeballed my Avon Mega Color Cinnamon Spice Lipstick. Oohhhh the revelations my lipstick held!

Well what are you waiting for? Go get out that tube and tell us, which one are YOU??

Slant close to original shape

Abides by the rules
Great follower
Doesn’t like too much attention
A little self-conscious, reserved
Schedule driven
May occasionally want to attract attention: dye hair, new outfits.

Rounded tip to a point

Family oriented, domestic
A “doer”
Stubborn over little things
Needs people around

Rounded smooth tip

Even tempered

Flat Top

To the point
High morals
Very dependable
Quick minded
Loves challenges
Careful about appearances

Sharp angle tip

Dislikes schedules
Selective of friends
Outgoing, likes attention

Flat top concave
A great detective
Makes friends easily

Sharp angled box curved tip

Enthusiastic, energetic
Loves attention
Falls in love easily

Sharp angles both sides
Seeks attention

Loves life
Big ego

 Which “Lipstick Personality” are YOU??

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4 thoughts on “What’s Your Lipstick Personality?

  1. I’m the lipstick personality that puts the cap back on the lipstick before twisting it back down so that I smash all of my lipsticks and have to use a lip brush. So, I’ll diagnose myself as absent-minded, messy, and impulsive.

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