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Great Business Opportunity at Brainerd Crafts!

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ATTENTION “Crafty People” and Artists!!

Julie at Brainerd Crafts (formerly Ben Franklin) has come up with a REALLY good idea.

It’s one of those ideas that made me thinkwhy didn’t I think of that?” 🙂

Here’s The Skinny:

The Craft Market @ B R A I N E R D CRAFTS. 
YOU make it, WE’LL sell it!

 Display & Sell Your Handmade:

• Jewelry • Quilts • Purses • Wood Working • Handmade Apparel

• Cards • Artwork • Paper Crafting • Needlework • Ceramics

Easy as 1…2…3

1. Set it up

2. Stock it

3. We’ll help you Sell it
Call Julie or Nancy Today 822-3216
Basic Spaces ONLY $75/month. It’s a Win/Win!

• Secure Environment

• Year-round Access

• Open 7 Days a Week

• Month to Month Rental

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1 thought on “Great Business Opportunity at Brainerd Crafts!

  1. COOL IDEA! However, as an experienced retail gal, I can tell you all though “I have skills” it sure isn’t in the crafty area! I am in awe of people with this talent and am willing to pay full price for the wares! CRAFT ON OH GIFTED ONES!

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