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We planned, We Sweated, We Cursed (just a little) then We ROCKED IT

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Mornin all! As I am writing this post I just realized what a tired old dog I am today.

Last night was the 4th Downtown/Main Street Women’s Walkabout. For those who aren’t aware, this an awesome Ladies Nite event who’s goal is bringing visibility and revitalization to our Central Business District.
Many, many months of planning when into this little humdinger, which I might add, has been a wildly successful event for our Downtown area. Click here for more details The Women’s Walkabout

This one I will have to say was our best event ever. A few snags? YUP. A few glitches? Yipper-doo. BUT..nothing big, earth shattering, OR blood pressure raising (my personal favorite).

The bottom line is, it went amazing well.

I don’t know the final count, but I am guessing somewhere around 350-400 ladies joined us last night for an evening of “walking-about”, visiting business, sampling tasty treats, and winning prizes. All told we gave away over $2700 in prizes at our Final Gathering. That’s about 60 prizes people! OOF-DA!

Super Mom Squader Shannon Janco (Tastefully Simple) set up shop at Super Mom Squader Kristen from Mattie & Me’s for a tag team effort. If you felt a energy surge in the atmosphere around 4:00 p.m. It was those two.

Wonder Twin Powers, ACTIVATE!

Makes me wonder what would happen if the THREE of us joined forces somewhere. We’d be blowing fuses all over town.

That’s all for now. I could ramble on forever, but I got this day-gig I need to get to (J.O.B.).

Have a FABBY day, my friends!

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