FREE Bike Helmets for Kids Courtesy of Lakewood Health!

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Hey all! I received an email the other day from Maggie Lausten of Lakewood Health Systems of Staples. In her email Maggie mentioned that Lakewood had recently offered a free bike helmet clinic in their Pillager office called “Helmets Worth Wearing”.

Find some cool pics from their event here Helmets Worth Wearing

This is an annual event and it’s hosted by the Foundation at Lakewood Health Systems. She wanted me to pass the message on to our Mom Squad Facebook Friends and Fans that they have helmets left!  The Foundation Director she would be happy to continue handing them out until they’re gone. If you are interested contact Maggie directly and she will make arrangements for pick up. This is a great cause and a great offer that I know THIS Mommy will be taking advantage of!

They have the following sizes: Toddler (blue or pink), Small and Medium. Typically, anyone over the age of 6 or 7 would fit a medium because the helmets have an adjustment knob on the back.

Thanks for the info Maggie!

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