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The "Motherload" of Awesome Lakes Area Women!

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Wahoo! We did it! We got’er done! The Lakes Area Women Expo went super well and I am STILL pooped. Needless to say we are thrilled about how things went. Shannon & I looked pretty HOT in our new LAMs t-shirts too!

It was fun meeting Fb Fans & making some awesome connections. A big part of MomSquad is connecting & supporting other women/moms. I feel we hit the “motherload” of awesome women this weekend. Thanks so much everyone. You are what keeps the MomSquad tickin & Kickin 🙂

I know we have pictures from the show to share. Seems to me Shannon took many-a unflattering photo of me with my mouth hangin open (I tend to talk alot). We shall see. I think she’s holdin out on me. 🙂

I will draw for the winner of the Gi-normous basket-o-goodies today. I would have done it yesterday, but needed to decompress a bit. Plus it was gorgeous outside and my babies wanted to PLAY. Who am i to say “no” to a rousing game of Tag? Hmmm? SO..stayed tuned for more details!

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