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I Know This Project is Your Baby….

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Yesterday, thanks to Anita @ Quality Enterprises, we shipped the remainder of our un-stuffed Mom Squad Coupon Packs off to be completed.

It was hard. Did I mention I am a control freak?

Ask anyone. They will confirm it.

We are used to plowing through this part of the project ourselves. Even if it takes handfuls of peeps and weeks to complete.

BUT, I am comforted by the fact I know they are in good hands. I know Anita understands the process and her crew is dedicated to quality like we are.

Much ado about a bunch of silly coups and envelopes?


Right before she drove away, Anita smiled and patted my arm. “It’ll be OK“, she said. “I know this project is your baby.”


I can hardly wait for my “baby” to get back. Passing out these hot pink and bright yellow envelopes-full-o-deals is one of my fav activities.

Oh yeah! On a brighter note, you WILL be seeing these bright envelopes everywhere! Opportunities to distribute these are popping up like popcorn! Along with our Discover Rack locations, usual spots, through participants and businesses, you will find these at the MOMS Garage Sale at Lord of Life Church May 15th, and during the Downtown Brainerd Women’s Walkabout event may 6th. Booyah!

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2 thoughts on “I Know This Project is Your Baby….

  1. Love this: “Keep smilin, keep your dollars local, and dance like no one’s watchin.” I’m not a mom yet but I’m totally interested in Mom Squad – I think I’m going to need to sign up! Mom-friendly businesses work too, even if the owner’s not a mom yet, right? Just checking 😉

  2. Hey laura! We’d LOVE to have you and don’t have any photographers in our packs yet. And NO, you don’t have to be a Mom (we’d wouldn’t do that to someone-been there done that). You just need to be a “mom-owned or Mom friendly”. You’d fit right in 🙂

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